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Quick, who is your local life insurance expert? Did it take you a minute? What name came to you first? For many people, their auto or home insurance agent comes to mind. If that was your first response, welcome to Strategic Insurance, your comprehensive insurance planning solution. 

We consider life insurance a critical component of your overall financial planning process. Instead of simply offering an insurance product to fill a need, your partners at Strategic Insurance will strive to provide a plan with your overall big picture in mind. Whether you’ve just begun a family, started a business, or wish to leave a legacy; the experts at Strategic Insurance will guide you along the way. 


We are your strategic insurance provider, partnered with over 30 insurance companies providing the specific insurance tools to complement your overall financial plan. Consider the following when possibly purchasing insurance or your current relationship with your insurance professional:
  1. How often would make a major, potential life-altering decision over the phone or online with a complete stranger?
  2. What qualifications does the person recommending your current insurance have? What qualifies her/him as a “financial planner”?
  3. Whom does your current insurance provider represent? Do they work for you or the insurance company?


An industry saying goes as follows: “Insurance is never bought, it is sold”, meaning that a salespersons sole objective is to sell an insurance policy. Adding to this point, many “financial advisors” solicit insurance without digging deeper to truly understand your needs. You as the customer deserve better than this scenario. When hiring an advisor, asking if they are a “fiduciary” (objective advice that puts you first) should be the first thing you question. At Strategic Insurance, the term fiduciary is not taken lightly; your needs will come first.




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